Travel Tips with your Pet

March 25, 2024
Travel Tips with your Pet

Travel season is here and one thing’s for sure: people (and their pets) are gearing up for some fun in the sun together!

If you decide to bring your pet pal along with you, wonderful! Our team at Animal Clinic of Woodruff has just a few tips to cover before you hop in the car (or plane!) Planning ahead, knowing what to expect, and doing some research in advance will help you and your pet have a smooth and memorable trip together!

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Packing for your Pet

Whether you are taking your pet with you on your trip, or boarding them for your time away, it is important that they are as comfortable as possible throughout their stay away from home. Make sure you consider all parts of you and your pet's trip. Create a “pet packing list” to ensure you don’t forget everything your pet may need: food, water, bowls, medications, towels and blankets, litter box, collar, leash, all tags, etc.

Take contact information for your vet and a list of your pet’s recent vaccinations.

Travel by Car

If you’re taking your pets in the car, arrange for them to be comfortable and safe. For dogs in particular, you’ll want to stop at least every two hours to let them walk around outside. This helps anxious or high-energy dogs get their energy out. Alternatively, if your dog is shy, you’ll want to give them a cozy, shaded place to rest for a moment.

Understand that your pet may be disconcerted or afraid while traveling, so arrange for extra time together for cuddles or walks. Here are some additional tips for traveling by car together:

  • Buckle up dogs, when possible, though most animals are safest in crates.
  • Include in the crate a favorite blanket or small bed, and include a small water bowl if possible.
  • Never leave pets in the car while you take long breaks; instead, arrange to stop in places where pets can get out.
  • Don’t leave pets in new places for long amounts of time away from you.

Tips for Safe Car Travels with Pets

Pets can be wonderful car companions, and having them along for the ride can make the trip much more enjoyable. However, keeping in mind their safety and comfort needs will enable you both to get there with less stress.

Never leave your pet in a car unattended!

Travel by Plane

If you are traveling by plane with your pet pal, be sure to check your airline’s rules and regulations for traveling with pets. Some don’t allow any pets on certain lengths of flights and/or certain times of the year. Others have strict size restrictions for carry-on pets or may require an additional ticket.

Thoroughly read the pet rules on your airline’s site before booking your ticket.

Pets and Hotels

If you’re staying in a hotel, make sure you’ve checked their rules on pets. Pet-friendly hotels are on the rise, and you can search websites that list pet-friendly hotels in certain locations.

Airbnb and other vacation rentals are also excellent choices, you’ll just want to make sure you check with the owner’s pet policy. (You don’t want to have to replace anyone’s leather couch or shag rug anytime soon!)

Alternatively, if you’re staying with friends or relatives, ask about their pet rules. You may need to bring a crate or a pet bed. Don’t assume that hotels or friends’ houses will be happy to see your pet – so call ahead and make plans.

When traveling with pets, you can’t go at the same pace on a trip that you might keep when driving by yourself.

Overall, remember that your pets need care too. So whether you’re home for the holidays or traveling, taking pets with you or leaving them behind – a little planning now can make for a happier holiday season for everyone.

Most importantly, make sure that your pet is up to date on their vaccines a few weeks before you travel. Not sure if your pet is up to date on their checkups? Give your friendly staff a call at Animal Clinic of Woodruff to schedule your pet pal’s next appointment.

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