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Convenient Veterinary Services for Spartanburg, Woodruff & Roebuck,  South Carolina

HOURS:  Open M-F 8 AM - 5 PM

ADDRESS:  8272 US-221, Woodruff, SC 29388

PHONE NUMBER:  864.576.9800

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  • How to Keep Dogs Safe in Cars

    How to Keep Dogs Safe in Cars

    For those of us who think of our dogs as family members, it’s tempting to take them with us everywhere we go. But before you load your dog into the car for a trip to the grocery, make sure you follow a few key steps to ensure the ride is safe for your dog.

  • A No-Worry Heartworm Solution

    A No-Worry Heartworm Solution

    Animal Clinic of Woodruff is now carrying Proheart 6, an injectable heartworm preventative for dogs. The key benefit of Proheart 6 is that a single injection provides 6 months of continuous heartworm prevention—meaning no more worrying about remembering to give monthly pills or chews.

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