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  • How to Keep the Dog Happy When Kids Go Back to School

    How to Keep the Dog Happy When Kids Go Back to School

    Ah, back to school time. Some parents are thrilled to have the kids out of the house, while others might be mourning the loss of their busy home. But at least one member of the family is certainly going to have trouble with the adjustment: the family dog. When kids go back to school, your dog’s world just went from regularly adventuring with the whole pack to long hours home alone. Will your dog be terribly lonely? And if so, how can you help your dog adjust once the house empties out?

  • Rattlesnake Vaccine for Dogs Now Available

    Rattlesnake Vaccine for Dogs Now Available

    Animal Clinic of Woodruff is now carrying the Crotalus Atrox Toxoid (or rattlesnake vaccine for dogs). Read below to see if you should consider getting this potentially life-saving vaccine for your dog.

  • Surviving Summer Shedding

    Surviving Summer Shedding

    Many dog owners can predict the weather more by the state of their floors and furniture than by the temps outside: when the dog hair starts to pile up, it must be the start of warmer seasons. Other homeowners fight the shedding all year long.

  • Dry Eye in Dogs

    Dry Eye in Dogs

    Is your dog blinking often? Does your dog have red eyes, or swollen tissue around the eye? Have you seen thick discharge from the eyes, or hair matting around the eyes from discharge? If you said yes to any of this, your dog may be dealing with dry eye syndrome, formally known as keratoconjunctivitis sicca (or KCS).

  • All About Cat Breeds

    All About Cat Breeds

    Dog owners seem to always talk about breeds. They may always describe their dog by breed (“my Golden Retriever Sampson”) or talk about breeders like beloved stores (“the best Jack Russell breeder in South Carolina”). Breed names also offer a terminology for even non-pet-owners to help describe a dog’s appearance: “he has a Bulldog-like face” or “she has legs like a Greyhound.” But does that work for cat owners as well? Are there cat breed traits like dogs?

  • How to Feed the Cat

    How to Feed the Cat

    The amount of food your cat needs depends on a variety of factors, including the cat’s weight, amount of daily activity, and any health concerns. Often, you can follow the advice listed on the back of food containers, which lists the weight of a cat and the amount of food needed per day.

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