How Pets Show They Love Us

February 21, 2020
How Pets Show They Love Us

We all know we love our pets…but how do we know they love us back? For Valentine’s Day this year, we decided to ask our vets – they are educated in this, after all! – to share stories of how the know their pets love them back. These sweet stories are sure to warm your heart and remind us why we love these furry four-legged family members.

How pets show they love us back

  • Dr’s Liza’s dog Waverly provides free babysitting for his little sister Emma.
  • Dogs give us enthusiastic greetings whenever we get home (no matter how long we’ve been gone!)
  • The dogs and cats follow us around the house, always wanting to be where we are
  • Dogs bring us their leash when they’re ready to walk, and bring us toys when they want to play
  • Cats find us on the bed or sofa and snuggle up together, and then purr to show appreciation for the snuggles

What about you?

We’d love to hear stories about pets showing love in your house. Please post them to our Facebook page.

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