Fall Pet Habits & Things to Look Out For

October 30, 2023
Fall Pet Habits & Things to Look Out For

As seasons change, you may notice a shift in your mood. This doesn’t just happen in humans—seasonal changes can affect your pets, too! Cats may spend most of the day playing outside or sleeping, but dogs may have a hard time adjusting to everyone going back to school.

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Seasonal Pet Behavior and Habits

As we approach the winter season (and the end of daylight saving time), we may all want to roll over and sleep an hour longer. And just like you, your pets may need to adjust to the new time as well. Especially when it comes to getting their breakfast an hour later than usual, having to go outside when it’s cold or dark, and grooming that thick winter fur.

But there are things you can do to help your cat or dog adjust to the changes that fall and winter bring. Here are some ideas on how to prepare your furry friends for fall:

Time change: If you feed your pet on a schedule, the time change may confuse them. At least for a little bit. To help slowly introduce them to wintertime, you may move their meal times forward by ten minutes every day until you’re at the new ‘normal’ time. When making the change too fast, some cats, when given the chance, may overeat and leave an unpleasant surprise on your carpet later on.

Cooler temperatures: We know it can be hard to head outside in the cold, but it's important to keep your pets active. There are plenty of indoor games you can play to keep your dog busy. And did you know that some cats also like to play fetch?

As pets spend less time outside, it may also be needed to cut their nails more frequently. Not only will this help your pet be more comfortable, but it will also protect your furniture!

Thicker coats: Cooler weather brings thicker coats for you and your pets! Your pets will be on an adjusted grooming schedule as it will be more work to clean longer hairs. You can help your pets by brushing them and/or bathing them regularly.

We hope these tips will help you and your pet adjust to the fall schedule a bit more easily. But don’t worry, fall weather also implies more snuggle time and cozy cuddles with your pet pals!

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