Holiday Pet Gift Guide

December 21, 2020
Holiday Pet Gift Guide

All throughout the year, your pets share their unconditional love. The holidays are a wonderful opportunity to show your pet that you care. While you’re at it, show some love to your pet-loving friends by getting a little something for them to gift their pet pals too! They’ll appreciate the gesture, plus it’s always fun to “share the love” that pets bring with your friends!

Here are a few last-minute gift ideas that will bring pure joy to the furry friends (and pet owners) in your life!

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Pet Bed

There are endless types of pet beds to choose from these days, from designer doggie sofas to elevated kitty apartments. No matter what kind of bed you give your pet this holiday season, a new place to lay their head is sure to bring them a renewed sense of comfort, and a sense of place that they can call their own. Plus they’ll feel extra special the moment they lay their head down each night on their new favorite spot.

New Collar

Have you ever noticed that the simplest accessory can add so much personality to your pet’s look? A new collar is no different. They’re a functional, simple way to add not only color and snap to your pet! Not to mention, collars come with reinforced hooks that are sure to keep their essential name and vaccine tags in place.

New collars come in a variety of styles and shapes, from canvas to leather and more. Adding a bold nameplate can add a little touch of class too! Some collars even come equipped with a GPS tracking device and activity monitor, so you’ll not only be able to track their steps each day, you can track their wanderings too!

Toys and more Toys!

Nothing says “Happy Holidays” like a new favorite toy. From a good ole-fashioned rubber dog ball to the newest advancements in mobile cat toys, gifts like these are sure to keep your pets active and engaged for hours.

Cats love the thrill of the hunt, while dogs never outgrow their love of chewing, so any gift that feeds these instincts is sure to make them feel loved this season.

Personalized Pet Portrait

Honor your pet this holiday with a pet portrait. Not looking for an expensive oil painting? You can create your own work of art in minutes online by simply uploading a favorite photo of your furry pal. Canvas wrapped or framed, dressed in costume or simply Fido being Fido, your portrait will capture the essence of your pet’s personality, while giving you a keepsake for life!

A Trip to the Dog Groomer

They may or may not love the experience, but pets always feel better after a good bath and a brush. Maybe it’s the nail trimming, or the new bows in your poodle’s hair, but some dogs even seem to walk with an extra pep in their step after a trip to the groomer! While you’re there, book regular sessions (every 4-6 weeks for long haired breeds, and 8-12 weeks for short haired breeds.) Your pet will thank you!

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No matter what you decide on this holiday season, spending time with your pet is always the best gift of all!

Help your pet stay healthy and well no matter what time of year by staying up to date with regular visits and vaccines. To get an update on your pet’s check-ups, or to become a new patient, give us a call at Animal Clinic of Woodruff at 864.576.9800.

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