Employee Pet Spotlight: Arlo & Herman

July 28, 2017
Employee Pet Spotlight: Arlo & Herman

Though dogs Arlo and Herman look very different, they share one important bond: they are both adored by ACOW’s receptionist, Autumn Wooten.

Arlo is a friendly, 3-year-old boxer with the sweetest puppy-dog eyes, but don’t let that fool you – he’s his mama’s fearless protector. Arlo loves horseback riding (yes, he sits on the saddle!), which is a good thing, as he has five horse brothers at home. After a good romp, Arlo can be found taking long naps in his fluffy pillow bed.

Much smaller and more laid back, Herman is a short-haired dachshund puppy (18 weeks old) who loves cuddling with Autumn and having his white belly rubbed. When not snuggling, he can be found trying to get into trouble.

Arlo and Herman can be seen occasionally in the clinic, as they come here for all of their care. Otherwise, they’re happy romping around Autumn’s homestead with their pet and human brothers and sisters.

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