Employee Spotlight: Rivers

December 13, 2016
Employee Spotlight: Rivers

Anyone who’s been to Animal Clinic of Woodruff has likely seen Rivers the dog – who was most likely napping in his bed. Rivers, a 12-year-old Australian Shepherd, belongs to Chris and Dr. Merri, and makes a second home at the Clinic. He’s rather recognizable with his lion cut, which the family chooses to avoid shedding.

Rivers is not only the dog of a veterinarian, but he’s a perfect mascot for a veterinary clinic. He has many health issues, but they’re all manageable with proper medication and care. Rivers’ health conditions include irritable bowel, epilepsy and heart disease. He takes six medications per day.

Despite all that, this old dog is still very active. He takes long walks every day, visits the clinic daily and behaves well. In his free time, Rivers loves to ride on the jet ski and hang out on the farm.

Stop by Animal Clinic of Woodruff to give this hard-working employee a scratch on his fluffy mane. And talk to Dr. Merri if you need help or inspiration to care for a high-needs dog like Rivers. He’s worth it all.

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