Employee Pet Spotlight: Cash

May 30, 2017
Employee Pet Spotlight: Cash

The Animal Clinic of Woodruff family was so kind to Dr. Merri and Christopher when their beloved dog Rivers passed away in early March. As many of you know, filling a heart again after a dog leaves can be challenging, and every family is on a different timeframe as to when they’re ready to welcome another dog.

Dr. Merri, Christopher and their daughter Finn knew they wanted a new puppy right away. The house (and the Clinic) just weren’t the same without a four-legged family member. Thankfully, a perfect dog came into their lives at just the right time.

Cash is a 5-month-old Labrador Retriever who loves to play with Finn, especially when she throws the ball around the pond and river. Cash also likes to go on nature walks, go camping, and explore the rivers in and around Savannah and the coastal beaches.

This soft black ball of energy and love has fit right into the family and work life. Cash comes to work at Animal Clinic of Woodruff every day. You will see her in the back taking long naps with Dr. Zack’s dog Maddox. Dr. Merri, Christopher and the Clinic are thrilled to once again have a loyal dog at their side.

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