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Sarcoptic Mange: Save Your Dog’s Skin from Scabies

Written on October 1st 2020.

It sounds troubling, like something out of a gritty movie about the bad part of town: a dog walks by with mange, looking ragged, uncared-for and angry. Well, you’d be angry and ragged too if tiny mites caused you to lose your hair and itch severely. Thankfully, mange is not as scary as you may have … read more

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When to Seek Emergency Care

Written on September 16th 2020.

Animal Clinic of Woodruff is here for your emergency vet care needs. But we know that sometimes, it can be difficult to know whether your pet’s symptoms warrant taking them to the vet for emergency care. Here is a reference list of symptoms that can help you make the all-important decision to either… read more

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Facts about the Feline Distemper Vaccine

Written on September 2nd 2020.

In the past, “feline panleukopenia” also known as “FP” or “feline distemper, was a leading cause of death in cats. This is a highly contagious, hardy viral disease caused by the feline parovirus. Today, thanks to the widespread effectiveness of the vaccine, it is less common.

Cats can become infe… read more

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Shining a Light on our Employees: Karen Schuur

Written on August 17th 2020.

At Animal Clinic of Woodruff, we think it’s important to shine a light on our team members. This month, we’re celebrating 16 wonderful years with one employee who has a passion for the veterinary field.

Karen Schurr came to our office in 2004 with a wealth of experience. She started her veterinar… read more

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Heat Stroke: Knowing Your Dog’s Had Too Much

Written on July 27th 2020.

Playing outside with your dog is a summer tradition, but sometimes excessive fun in the hot summer sun can be too much for your pet. We’ll outline the prevention, symptoms, and initial treatment of heat stroke so that you and your dog can have a safe summer of fun together.

Heat exhaustion, also … read more

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