Animal Clinic of Woodruff: How It All Began

April 12, 2022
Animal Clinic of Woodruff: How It All Began

When Dr. Merri Walden was a little girl growing up in Spartanburg, she dreamed that one day she would become a veterinarian. That dream continued into her teen years and through her graduation from Dorman High School.

Once at Clemson, Merri studied biochemistry and officially decided to make veterinary medicine her career path. That’s when she chose to attend the University of Georgia to pursue her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine (D.V.M.). In 2001, her dedication was rewarded as she graduated magna cum laude with honors from UGA’s vet school, and was named Veterinarian of the Year by her fellow clinicians.

Dr. Merri Walden’s dream had been realized. Now it was officially time to begin practicing veterinary medicine and open up a clinic. Returning home to the Upstate, she married Christopher Crenshaw, who had also attended Dorman High School and Clemson University. Together, in 2002, they bought the Animal Clinic of Woodruff, and in 2004 they built the current building to serve the animals and families of the Spartanburg, Woodruff, and Roebuck areas. Their goal: provide the Upstate with excellent medical care coupled with a loving, family approach.

Today, you’ll find four veterinarians at the practice and a huge team of pet care assistants who continue to share that loving approach to each and every animal that walks, runs, or pounces through the door. You’ll feel it too: a laid-back, warm and caring family feel every time you visit. And that extends out into the community as well.

For Dr. Merri Walden, living out your childhood dream means pouring decades of research, clinical work, time, energy, and passion into each and every animal’s needs, each and every day. Come experience the Animal Clinic of Woodruff difference!

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