5 Reasons Why We’re Thankful for Pets

November 23, 2020
5 Reasons Why We’re Thankful for Pets

It seems like each and every day we find a new reason to be thankful for pets. They bring such joy and unconditional love to our lives, often in surprising ways! Here we’ll share five reasons why we at Animal Clinic of Woodruff are so thankful for the pets that we get to care for.

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Their Warm Welcome

Is there anything better than the way your pet greets you when you walk in your front door? Maybe you’ve had a long day, but the moment you return, your pet gives you the warmest of greetings. Plus, they’re always a listening ear if you need to share about your day or just curl up for a snuggle.

They Keep you Active

Whether it’s the many times they “need to go” or the walks that they crave each day, pets keep us active! From trips to the park or laps around the neighborhood, your furry companion will keep your body moving without having to make a trip to the gym!

Pets Decrease Stress

Maybe it’s their listening ear, or perhaps the fact that they are always sharing unconditional love with us…but pets actually can help us decrease stress levels in our body. Pets are truly a gift to our health!

Pets Promote Friendship

Have you ever noticed how pets have a way of connecting us with others? Whether you’re walking around the block or taking a stroll at the park, pets (and especially puppies) have a way of creating a bridge between us and others. People are more likely to stop and talk, and you’re more likely to open up (and maybe meet a new friend in the process!).

Pets are Great for Your Kids

Children who grow up with pets in the home receive a world of benefits. Not only do they gain love and cuddles from their furry pals, they learn responsibility by feeding and caring for the pet. Pets also have a way of connecting the family as a whole, whether it’s on walks, playing in the park, or cuddled up on the couch watching a movie together.


No matter which way you look at it, pets are good for each and every one of us. Thank your pet today for all that they share with you. Another way you can show them you care is by scheduling regular checkups with us to ensure they are the healthiest they can possibly be.

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At Animal Clinic of Woodruff, we feel blessed for the opportunity to care for your pet. Thank you!

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