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Support Dog Makes Dentist Visit Great

Written on September 28th 2018.
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It may come as no surprise to hear that not every kid enjoys going to the dentist. And while dentists’ offices often go through a lot of effort to make their office feel fun and welcoming to children, it can still be a place that causes anxiety and even fear in some children.

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Dog and Snake Safety

Written on August 15th 2018.

If you’ve spent any time outdoors in South Carolina, odds are you’ve come across a snake or two. And while snakes cause many of us to freak out, in reality, most snakes are harmless and will do their best to stay away from your dogs and out of your way. That said, it’s important for dog owners to kn… read more

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What’s your pet’s psychological age?

Written on July 20th 2018.

How old are you in “dog years?” It seems like someone decided that the magic formula for understanding how dogs age is to multiply human years by 7. But it turns out this is an oversimplification of how dogs actually age, and what they are like at certain ages. And what about cats?

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Keep Dogs Safe this July 4th

Written on July 2nd 2018.

Your dog hates America. Well OK, maybe that’s taking it a little too far. But odds are, your dog hates celebrating America – that is, most dogs really don’t like July 4th celebrations. The loud firecrackers and crowded outdoor celebrations cause many dogs to run for shelter – and this leads to an in… read more

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Prevent Dogs from Overheating this Summer

Written on June 19th 2018.

Spartanburg has four beautiful seasons, and most of us love enjoying the best of each one. In summer, our many hiking trails and extra vacation time call us outdoors, but it’s important to keep everyone safe from one of the downsides of summer: the heat and humidity. As good pet parents, you need to… read more

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