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How to Feed the Cat

Written on February 26th 2019.
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Feeding a cat should be simple, right? You put food in a bowl, and refill it when empty. But while that’s a popular way to feed cats, it’s not necessarily the healthiest, wisest or vet-recommended method. So how should you feed the cat?

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How much food does my cat need?

The … read more

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Do pets need siblings?

Written on February 4th 2019.

The season of Valentine’s Day often makes us reflect on the love we have in our lives. For many of us, we cherish our loving relationship with our pets. This can often lead to thoughts of increasing that love by adding another cat or dog to the home – either for your sake, or because you think your … read more

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How (and why) to get in shape with your dog this year.

Written on January 9th 2019.

Did you make a New Year’s resolution to get in shape? If so – and if you’ve got a dog at home – you’re in luck. Getting in shape along with your dog is not only a good idea for both of you, but it’s easier and more fun to do together.

Why should I get in shape with my dog?

Dogs needs to exerci… read more

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Cat vs. Christmas Tree

Written on December 17th 2018.

If you have a curious cat and you’ve tried to set up a Christmas tree, you’ve likely realized that those two don’t mix. Whether you’ve had trees crash down, broken ornaments or sick cats, we know that holiday decorating can wreak havoc on your cat’s home life – and yours. This can lead to some creat… read more

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Do Pets Make Good Presents?

Written on December 4th 2018.

It’s that time of year again! Time to start thinking about gifts and giving, about finding the perfect thing to show your loved ones how much you care. For many people, this is the time when they discuss getting a pet. What could be more adorable than a child unwrapping a box and having a kitten pop… read more

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