Get Ready for Holiday Boarding

November 19, 2019
Get Ready for Holiday Boarding

It seems like as soon as that Halloween bag of candy is finished, it’s time to start planning for the end-of-year holidays. Whether that means traveling to visit family for Thanksgiving or taking a vacation during the kids’ winter break from school, now is the time to make plans to ensure your pets are cared for while you’re away.

Plan ahead

Because pet boarding facilities in Spartanburg book quickly this time of year, your first step should be to schedule your boarding time. Once that’s done, you need to review your pet’s health and vaccines.

Check your schedule for your pet’s last wellness exam. If it’s been more than one calendar year, schedule an appointment with your vet. Many boarding facilities require proof of a recent vet check.

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Next, in order to protect the health of your pets and the others staying near them, up-to-date vaccines are required by almost all boarding facilities, including ours. Your vet should have your vaccination schedule on record, or they can look it up during your exam time. Even if your dog or cat has had a wellness check within the year, make sure their required vaccines – especially the ones needed yearly (like rabies) are updated as well.

Vaccines required for pet boarding

Check your pets’ vaccination records and ask for paper copies if you don’t have them. If you board anywhere other than your own vet, you’ll need to show paper proof of these vaccines.

Required vaccines for boarding dogs at most boarding facilities:

Required vaccines for boarding cats at most facilities:

In addition, pets need to be on a flea and tick treatment, regardless of the time of year. This not only prevents itchy, annoying fleas, but can prevent lyme disease carried by ticks.

If your pet is missing any of these vaccines, make your appointment now before the holidays get busy.

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