Keep Dogs Safe this July 4th

July 2, 2018
Keep Dogs Safe this July 4th

Your dog hates America. Well OK, maybe that’s taking it a little too far. But odds are, your dog hates celebrating America – that is, most dogs really don’t like July 4th celebrations. The loud firecrackers and crowded outdoor celebrations cause many dogs to run for shelter – and this leads to an increased number of runaway and missing dogs in early July.

Follow these steps to keep your dogs happy and safe during Independence Day celebrations:

  1. Microchip your dog. You never know when you might get separated from your dog, either at a family picnic, after fireworks, or when a door gets left open. An embedded microchip ensures that anyone who finds your dog can know how to return him to you. Animal Clinic of Woodruff can insert microchips on-site and complete the paperwork for you. We can also scan any dogs you find. Learn more about microchipping and how we can help reunite dogs and owners.
  2. Leave dogs at home. Yes, we know it’s tempting to take your dogs to the neighborhood party or out on the boat. But there are a lot of chances for him to run away or get spooked during the festivities, especially with large crowds. With such large crowds and loud noises, there’s also an increased chance of your dog acting out or becoming aggressive. Leave dogs at home on this big day to avoid the stress – for you and him.
  3. Create a safe, quiet place. To avoid anxiety that may come from fireworks, create a safe, comfortable place for your dog to hide out. If she is crate-trained, put her in the crate for the night with plenty of water and blankets. Otherwise, create a comfortable nest of blankets or towels, and maybe a safe place to hide (like your closet or under the bed) that can help your dog feel calm and stay safe. Lower the blinds, close the doors, and maybe even add background noise (like a radio or television) to shut out the sounds.
  4. Protect the food. July 4th parties often involve meat on the grill and paper plates left on picnic blankets. This provides lots of opportunities for dogs to find and eat extra food. This kind of sudden change in diet can make many dogs sick, and some foods can even poison your dog. Keep dogs away from human food (see tip #2) to ensure your July 5th is pleasant as well.
  5. Make boarding appointments early. Many people travel over July 4th. If you need to board your dogs while you’re away, make your arrangements early. Animal Clinic of Woodruff is currently accepting boarding reservations for all of summer, but these spots won’t last. Contact us today to reserve your spot.

Pet care doesn’t end in the summer months. Animal Clinic of Woodruff is open all summer to help with your pet care needs. Schedule an appointment with us today.

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