Keep Cats Cool in Summer

July 22, 2016
Keep Cats Cool in Summer
Most of us think cats are pretty cool… but in Spartanburg’s hot summer months, they may not be feeling that way. Cat parents need to take special care in summer to ensure cats remain cool and don’t get overheated.
Tips to keep your cat cool
  • Provide cool places to hang out. Your cat will naturally want to find cool places to be, so help her get comfortable. Make sure she can find non-carpeted floors to lie on, or cool corners of a basement or room with thick curtains. She may also like a fan or to be near an air conditioning vent. Don’t leave a cat locked up all day in a warm, carpeted room.
  • Water the cat. Especially in summer’s heat, it’s imperative that your cat have constant access to fresh, cool water. Change the water more often in summer, and maybe add a few ice cubes to keep it cool. If you’re going to be gone for long days, have someone stop by to change your cat’s water bowl.
  • Avoid the car. Hot summer temperatures are even more dangerous inside of the car. Don’t leave your cat in a car for any amount of time. If you must take a car ride with your cat, ensure she has access to air conditioning and water to drink, and try to keep trips brief.
  • Play later in the day. Your cat may enjoy playtime with you in the house or outside in the yard. While this stimulation is important, it can lead to overheating in the sun. Postpone playtime to evening when temperatures are cooler.
Even after taking these precautions, Spartanburg’s hot temperatures can still take their toll on our pets. Keep an eye on your pets to prevent overheating. 
Signs your cat is too hot
Overheating and its more severe form, heat stroke, are dangerous and potentially harmful (even fatal) for cats. Thus, it’s imperative to spot the signs of overheating so you can address them immediately. 
Signs that your cat may be overheating include:
  • Panting
  • Rapid breathing
  • Pacing restlessly (often looking for a cool place to be)
  • Damp/sweaty paws
  • Dizziness or walking strangely
  • Overly salivating (with thick saliva)
  • Weakness or lethargy
If you think your cat may be overheating or experiencing heat stroke, offer water and place them in a cool area.  Then call Animal Clinic of Woodruff at 864.576.9800 immediately to speak with our staff about next steps for care. Even if your cat seems to be recovering, it’s important to visit a vet to ensure she is fully back to health.
Like people, cats can become overheated in the hot months, but with a few precautions and careful monitoring, we can all have a fun and healthy summer.

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