What’s your pet’s psychological age?

July 20, 2018
What’s your pet’s psychological age?

How old are you in “dog years?” It seems like someone decided that the magic formula for understanding how dogs age is to multiply human years by 7. But it turns out this is an oversimplification of how dogs actually age, and what they are like at certain ages. And what about cats?

Chronological age is the actual months and years your pet has been alive. But psychological age refers to their attitudes and cognitive abilities – in other words, their maturity and intelligence. So how old do you think your cat or dog is?

A new report issued by Abaxis arrived in our office and helps shed light on understanding how cats’ and dogs’ aging actually compares to humans. It turns out that a combination of your pet’s weight and chronological age can determine their psychological age.

Check out the charts below to determine your pet’s psychological age.

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