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It’s Tick Season: All Dogs Need Protection

Written on June 6th 2018.
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With the warm temperatures we’re now experiencing in South Carolina, there’s a higher likelihood of getting tick bites. But some pet parents may think they’re dogs aren’t in danger – because they live inside or rarely leave the city. But even the most “city dog” goes in the grass sometimes – meaning… read more

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When to Worry (or Not) after Vaccinations

Written on May 11th 2018.

Vaccines are a critical part of basic pet care. They prevent disease, costly medical bills, and pet death. They reduce the spread of disease between pets and humans. And in most places, certain vaccines are required for proper pet ownership. But as with any medication, there can be side effects and … read more

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10 Steps for Successful Vet Visits

Written on April 26th 2018.

Visiting the veterinarian can be stressful for both pets and their people. From navigating crates and car rides to sitting in waiting rooms and on the examination table, there are plenty of places where problems can come up. So we’ve come up with a list of steps, inspired by the American Veterinary … read more

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Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV)

Written on April 16th 2018.

This blog continues our series on vaccinations – why do your pets need them, and what diseases can they prevent? Today we’ll dive into learning about Feline Leukemia Virus, or FeLV, which can be prevented by a vaccine given to young kittens.

FeLV is a retrovirus that affects kittens and cats. Oth… read more

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Should I Have My Cat Declawed?

Written on March 26th 2018.

We know it’s a difficult discussion. Whether you’re a new parent to an adorable kitten or a seasoned cat owner with three older felines, you’ve probably been in heated talks about declawing cats. And you may have strong feelings about it. We’re going to put those strong feelings aside for a moment a… read more

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Spring Break for Pets

Written on March 7th 2018.

The flowers are appearing, the weather is warming, and it feels like spring may finally be here. And whether you schedule around your kids’ breaks in March or April, or just take your own trips around Easter or to get away, Spring Break has become a ritual that takes many families out of town and on… read more

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