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How To Socialize Your Puppy

Written on August 5th 2019.
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Lucky you! You just adopted a new puppy, and you’re excited to spend time getting to know and training the new family member. But as you’ll learn, not all new things come easily to puppies. One issue where you may have some trouble is socializing your puppy, or introducing him to new people, new pla… read more

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Dr. Zach’s Family Farm

Written on July 10th 2019.

Our patients know that Dr. Zach Brown is great with the cats and dogs who visit Animal Clinic of Woodruff…but did you know that he goes home each day to a working farm full of livestock?

Dr. Zach is the fourth generation to live and work on his family’s farm in Woodruff, S.C. The farm consists of… read more

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Dr. Merri’s Many Pets

Written on June 7th 2019.

We know our veterinarians spent years at school learning to care for animals, and then went into business to care for them every day. We can assume they are animal lovers through and through. So, it may come also as no surprise that some vets, like our Dr. Merri Walden, have a lot of pets at home. D… read more

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Get Ready for Summer Boarding

Written on May 28th 2019.

We know that many people are in summer countdown mode, looking forward to their summer vacation plans. But as you plan out your itinerary and start your packing list, remember one important plan to make now: make sure your pets are cared for while you’re away. Animal Clinic of Woodruff offers summer… read more

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Surviving Summer Shedding

Written on April 30th 2019.

Many dog owners can predict the weather more by the state of their floors and furniture than by the temps outside: when the dog hair starts to pile up, it must be the start of warmer seasons. Other homeowners fight the shedding all year long. So what’s causing this mess, and how can we make it bette… read more

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