Employee Spotlight: Autumn Wooten

October 13, 2016
Employee Spotlight: Autumn Wooten

Autumn Wooten, a receptionist at Animal Clinic of Woodruff, is originally from Cheyenne, Wyoming, and she brings her Western ranch lifestyle with her to South Carolina. Autumn has been  married to Jason Wooten for seven years, and they have two beautiful little girls, Emma, age 6, and Piper, age 3 (a threenager!).

Autumn is an animal lover at work and at home. The family has three dogs: Arlo, the 2-year-old Boxer and Autumn’s protector; Zoe, the 1-year-old show-off Miniature Poodle; and Honey, the Teacup Chihuahua and family snuggle bug. The dogs are joined by three cats, Marty McFly (a black kitty who thinks he is a person), Spark (a white kitty who wishes he were a person), and Flower (a calico kitty who is a fearless hunter and barn cat). Also around the house you’ll find a goat named Baby Goat (who is actually 2 years old) and a Potbelly Pig named Booger Pete.

The Wootens are also passionate horse people. They own five horses: Joker is a 7-year-old American Paint Horse (Autumn’s pride and joy); Babe is a 12-year-old American Saddlebred who loves to show off; Sadie is a very young Appaloosa who will come to the Wootens after being weaned from her mother; Envy, a 16-year-old Arabian, was Jason's first horse; and Kitt is a 7-year-old Paso Fino and serves as Jason's primary riding horse.

Stop by the clinic today and ask Autumn about her brood. Her obvious love for caring for animals makes her a warm, friendly and beloved part of the Animal Clinic of Woodruff staff. 

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