Dr. Zach’s Family Farm

July 10, 2019
Dr. Zach’s Family Farm

Our patients know that Dr. Zach Brown is great with the cats and dogs who visit Animal Clinic of Woodruff…but did you know that he goes home each day to a working farm full of livestock?

Dr. Zach is the fourth generation to live and work on his family’s farm in Woodruff, S.C. The farm consists of 70 original acres purchased by his great-grandfather. Zach’s grandfather and dad operated the land as a dairy farm from 1955 – 1987. Since then, his dad has raised and farmed beef cattle and leased additional pasture for grazing and crops.

The farm now consists of 100 head of commercial beef cows. These cows raise a calf per year, which results in selling 60-80 calves each year. The Browns also raise and sell several steers every year for beef; harvest and sell grass and hay; and plant sorghum, oats and corn for silage.

Dr. Zach’s Pets

Because of his duties as one of the two veterinarians at Animal Clinic of Woodruff, Dr. Zach cannot run the day-to-day operations of the farm. But he does have time to care for his own pets who live there.

One of his pets is – believe it or not – a cow who was bottle-raised from birth and is considered a pet. The cow, Penelope, expects a head rub and bucket of grain when she sees you. She is 13 years old.

As a family, Zach, his wife, Allison, and their son, Briggs, have two dogs. Lena is a 10-year-old Blue Heeler that Zach hoped would be true to her breed and make a good cattle dog. Instead, Zach says, “my wife spoiled her as a pup and she prefers belly rubs and sleeping on our couch…and she’s scared to death of cows.” Maddox is a 5-year-old Red Heeler/Staffordshire mix. Allison and Zach adopted him from a shelter when they lived in Texas, and he was like their first child. Maddox now comes to Animal Clinic of Woodruff with Dr. Zach every day, and you’ll probably catch him sleeping on the steps of reception desk.

Enjoy chatting with Dr. Zach about cow vaccines, cattle dogs and more at your next vet appointment.

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