Lyme Disease in Dogs

Written on April 11th 2017.

Lyme disease is a relatively new disease in the United States. First recognized in dogs in 1985, this tick-borne infectious disease is caused by Borrelia burgdorferi, a type of bacteria often carried by deer, the primary carrier of the disease.

Where is Lyme disease found?

While Lyme disease h… read more

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Is Chocolate Really that Bad for Dogs?

Written on January 30th 2017.

By now, you’ve probably heard dogs should not eat chocolate. You may have heard stories of worried dog owners rushing sick, near-death pets to the emergency room; then again, you may have also heard owners laughing about their dogs eating entire bags of chocolate candy and being “fine.” While both o… read more

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Can I give my dog a pain reliever?

Written on December 20th 2016.

During the holiday season, families are often busier than usual—yet this need to get things done is often foiled by more stores and businesses being closed. The holidays are the last time anyone wants to go to the doctor, vet or other specialist. So it can be especially tempting during the holidays … read more

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A Dangerous Halloween Treat

Written on October 26th 2016.

Despite the best intentions of loving pet owners, we suspect that Halloween might be among a pet’s least favorite holidays. They are often dressed in costume, which makes for adorable photos, but often means animals spend the evening rather uncomfortable. Dogs are closed in rooms and crates and told… read more

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