How to Care for Long Cat Hair

Written on November 8th 2018.
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Long-haired cats are handsome, elegant, and wonderful to pet. For all the beauty that long, luxurious hair offers, it also requires upkeep and can lead to problems. Do you know how best to care for your long-haired cat?

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Basic hair care for cats.

The good news is, your cat know… read more

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How to Hike Safely with Senior Dogs

Written on October 12th 2018.

Fall is right around the corner, and for many of us, it’s a favorite time of year to get outside. In South Carolina, fall is arguably the best time of year to go on hikes, as you can enjoy warm, clear days without the misery of summer’s humidity. Your dogs are likely also excited about fall hikes, w… read more

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Dog and Snake Safety

Written on August 15th 2018.

If you’ve spent any time outdoors in South Carolina, odds are you’ve come across a snake or two. And while snakes cause many of us to freak out, in reality, most snakes are harmless and will do their best to stay away from your dogs and out of your way. That said, it’s important for dog owners to kn… read more

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Keep Dogs Safe this July 4th

Written on July 2nd 2018.

Your dog hates America. Well OK, maybe that’s taking it a little too far. But odds are, your dog hates celebrating America – that is, most dogs really don’t like July 4th celebrations. The loud firecrackers and crowded outdoor celebrations cause many dogs to run for shelter – and this leads to an in… read more

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