Holiday Pet Boarding

The holidays can be such a busy time of year. If travel plans are in your future, we encourage you to also be planning where your pet will stay while you are away. At Animal Clinic of Woodruff, we offer our current clients pet boarding for their dogs and cats in a loving, caring environment.

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Our top-notch boarding facility is safe, secure and clean. We give visiting dogs a walk at least two times each day, and we thoroughly clean our cat condos twice a day. Additionally, we have a large, fenced-in grassy backyard where pets can run and play. We also give your pet lots of cuddles and snuggles so they feel cared for and comforted while you are away.

All pets are required to be up-to-date on vaccines before they board with us. This is something you will want to have done well in advance of your trip so that the vaccines can have time to take effect.

Perhaps you are new to boarding? We encourage our clients to let their pets have a short “introduction stay” with us so that they can become better familiar with our boarding facility before you embark on your holiday travels.

At Animal Clinic of Woodruff, our commitment to your pet’s health and well-being is our top priority. That’s why you can rest assured that your pet is in the best possible hands while you are away.

For inquiries on how to become a patient, to check on your pet’s vaccine status, or to schedule your boarding time, please call our office at 864.576.9800.

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